Thursday, April 12, 2012

Normandy 2014

we have advanced plans to do a similar trip to Normandy in 2014.

For that purpose we will set up a new blog

"Sydney-Normandy 2014

See you there

Sunday, April 25, 2010

LIBERATION PARADE Apeldoorn 9 May 2010

We are taking advantage of my storage in Holland to participate in the Grand Liberators parade.
Several hundred mostly Canadian liberators of Holland will participate in a Grand Parade through Apeldoorn (our home town) in The Netherlands.

A few hundred thousand spectators are expected for this Last ? parade. As most are in their 80's or older.

Willy will be proud to carry two canadian veterans.
The boss and Marielle will host the Canadians and they will put in a grand effort to make me look as good as possible.

See you soon on TV.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


On all good things come an end.
After a few days of rain driving from Ypres to the proximity of the port of Antwerp we had a sunny day for preparing the vehicles for shipping.

So may more places and events had been visited than reported on this site. Everyday had its highlight and my body is still buzzing with impressions.

After helping the Aussies and NZĂ©rs load their vehicles,

The boss drove me on to Apeldoorn in Holland.

We could not believe that after 5000 miles we arrived 100m from our final destination to see the veterans day celebrations on the Market place.

Willy just joined in for the fun and phoned a few friends to welcome us back in our new home.

The trip has been very succesfull and the impressions need many more months to sink in.

Many thanks for all who looked after us in the last weeks.

But for now I leave it and I am looking foward to short trips during my retirement
It has been a pleasure informing you about our progress in the last six weeks.
To all, the very best and hope to see you soon,
Willy, 12 June 2009

Many thanks to all in the group who cared for me. In the end a flat tyre and a starting motoe was all that failed. And that a t my age of 67 !!


After Dieppe , Amiens we left for St Quentin Cabaret, where Graham has an uncle buried who was killed in May 1917.

It is believed that he was the first relative to visit this grave site.

We planted a hortensia which should last the summer.
It made for a very special stop on our trip to honour a distant relative whose live was cut short at the tender age of 21..
We also helped along an englishman who was looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack...
But our map with approximately 100 cemetries around Ypres helped him locate the one he was looking for..
Willy 8 June 2009

40th Wedding Anniversary

The co-pilot had his 40th wedding anniversay in Normandy.

Just the occasion for a big celebration with his family.

The tent was exchanged for a suitable villa and the off spring
with partners were all there.
A suitable speech was given by the pilot .

(The 40th couple are to the left on the foto)

We all enjoyed a great dinner party at the local golf club.

Willy, 7th June 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

D-DAY 2009

What a day it has been.

In convoy with the poms to a beach East of Arromanche. Then we had to wait for low tide for a few hours.

The gendarmerie had blocked many roads for festivities and we had to use a few back roads and a distant beach to get a back door on to Arromanche beach.

The intention was to join a massive gathering of vehicles and craft on the beach at Allamanche.

Willy did not wait for low tide and waded through the sea wet sand to join the family, who were already waiting for a few hours. That gave us a prime spot on the beach, next to a landing craft.

There were still many real veterans and we paid our respect to them in style.

Wonderfull to see quite a few still in good health.

Old soldiers never die

Willy", 6 June 2009

FAMILY Gathering

The families of the pilot and co-pilot arrived in Port a Boissin early in the week and they joined them in some very comfortable accomodation.

I was unloaded to carry more passengers and all slept in grande style.

The co-pilot and his wife celebrated their 40th anniversary on the 7th, and the pilot has withnessed all 40 years.

We were joined by the children of both pilot and co-pilot which amde for a happening of 11 people.

What a unique happening. They took turns to make trip with Willy and waving to the other WWII vehicle drivers.

Willy, 7 june 2009

Congratulations Rene and Carla, many happy returns

Well done.